Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bear Fruit

Jesus said, a branch that doesnt bear fruit is cast in the fire.
Jesus said, abide in me and you will bear much fruit.
Jesus said, keep my commandments and you will abide in me.
Jesus said, this command I give you, love one another as I have loved you.

See the reverse progression? To love is to obey, to obey is to abide, to abide bears much fruit, to bear fruit keeps you from being cut off.

So, before you can bear fruit you must love others. And it must be genuine. If it isn't genuine, your duplicity will breed distrust. Your lack of sincerity will gender distain. So, to know how to love others you have to love as Jesus loved you. More than lip service and a clearing of the conscious. He forgives you. He shows mercy to you. He is longsuffering with you. He is kind with you.

When Jesus gave, whether it was a miracle of healing, food for 5 thousand, healing the blind, he gave without expecting in return. His ultimate gift at the cross shows us true love. When we didnt love back, he still forgave us. He still laid down his life. He still took our sins.

So, be fruitful. By serving, loving others. Just as Christ loved you.